A Fathers Reflection

As I reflect on the end of another father’s day. I am feeling both blessed and sad. Having had both my sons express their love for me, and knowing that they both respect me gives me a great sense of satisfaction. As a father I couldn’t be prouder of the men, they have become. Both Travis and Thad are leaders in their churches, good fathers and loving husbands. Both boys have a great work ethic and are sought out by others because of it. They open there lives up to those who need care, understanding and love. Their children are making rational, responsible decisions and honoring God as the grow. How could a father not feel satisfied and proud? God has truly blessed and honored the efforts of Holly and myself.

But even on a day when you can enjoy the rewards of being a father, and see other fathers interacting with their children, you only have to look around you to see that not everyone is experiencing the same joy, or having the opportunity to share in this day of celebration.  In the course of one day I was able to feel my own joy and satisfaction, while interacting with children who have no father in their life, to talking with a young person, (whose father chooses not to attend church), about their relationship with and understanding of God. To share with a man who is trying to be a good father without the help of a wife. To pray with a man that is in the process of losing his wife and children to divorce. Sisters who get a call early on father’s day morning that their father is being transported to the hospital. Others that have only memories of fathers who have passed on. How many more were there, that may not have had a good relationship with their fathers or are dealing with the failing health of the one they have depended on for a lifetime?

Men I beg you to step up and be the father God expects you to be! Your children need you! Give them what only you can give them, a solid example of what a man of God looks like. How can they understand a relationship with our Heavenly Father, if we can’t give them a reference point for understanding? A father is not someone who pro-creates, but is instead the one who loves, leads, protects, sacrifices, interacts, instructs, sets an example and is consistent. Men we need to be all these things not only to our own children, but also to other children. We not only strengthen our own homes but we strengthen the whole brotherhood. It is never too late to make a difference.

May God help us,

Pastor Danny